What is modern architecture? According to the most common definition, contemporary architecture is the architecture that is practised in contemporary time. You will agree that this is a slightly confusing definition. One could think that any building built today belongs to contemporary architecture. But this is obviously not the case.

Contemporary architecture is based on a principle that is shared by all who practice it, states expert Architect in Noida at Vistaar Designs. Modern architecture proposes to break with the ways that have become the norm and therefore, it is innovative.

What are the elements of Modern Architecture in Metro Cities?

Modern architecture in metro cities is not just architectural trends. It is what a particular architectural choice that is the precise reflection of society. As modern architecture is not an architectural trend, it can offer multiple architectural choices to the extent obviously they are different from what is usually done.

  • The Form of Modern Architecture

One only has to look around to quickly realize that the dominant line in architecture is the straight line. Contemporary architecture tends to move away from this habit by proposing to use more the curved line. In some cases, the building will be completely designed from curved lines, in other cases, curved lines and straight lines will be used in the same building.

  • Unique Patterns and Curves

Using the curved line also creates volumes that are not just cubes, which is the case with the straight line. Thus, in modern architecture in metro cities, we will see buildings that have rounded shapes. And when contemporary architecture uses the straight line, so that the cube becomes the unit of volume, it seeks to assemble these cubes in an unusual way, so as to create a distinct volume.

  • Utilization of Greenery

Another feature of today’s architecture is the use, both outside and inside, of new, so-called noble materials along with glass, wood, brick and metals. Plants have made their place significant in contemporary architecture, on roofs first, but also more and more on the walls. And if you have a green quotient in interior design, you can also take advantage of this vegetation to practice gardening vertically, for example, by climbing tomato plants along a wall.

  • Unusual Windows & Doors

Larger and more abundant windows and doors are also a feature of modern architecture in metro cities. Multiple openings, unusual locations, panoramic windows, windows-walls, skylights, are some of the examples. In addition to allowing spectacular views, such architecture makes full use of sunshine, first for natural lighting, and then, to enjoy the passive heat of the sun. If you are in love with sunshine or enjoy the spectacular views, modern architecture is for you. But if you think of settling in an urban environment, where the neighbours are very close and you need care about your privacy, and hence, you can’t do much experimentation with it.

  • The Ecological Quotient

Many conventional buildings now incorporate green elements or, at the very least, energy efficiency. But in modern architecture, these elements are an obligation. These include the use of photovoltaic cells and heat collectors, for the purpose of producing heat differently and preserving it. In the residential construction industry, for example, we will try to integrate the house perfectly with its natural element, in order not only not to jostle the house too much but also to make it a clean architectural element that gives a special character to that home.

  • The Appealing Facade

Another crucial aspect of modern architecture in metro cities is to put in place what is called, animated architecture such as sophisticated exterior lighting of a building, projections on the facades, very often interactive with the passers-by or the users of the building. The water reappears, in the form of jets of water, coloured or not, cascades and fountains of all kinds. The goal is to make the building livelier.

At Vistaar Designs, the team of highly skilled Architect in Noida, always take the visual appeal as well as the comfort aspect into consideration while drafting an architecture. Consult our experts now and transform your residential or commercial spaces into a splendid example of architecture and interior design.