Top Color Trends of 2019 By Top Interior Designers in Greater Noida

Now as we have entered into a new year, a perfect moment to look at the latest trendy colour choices. Unlike 2018’s colour trends, 2019 is taking a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach while putting new shades in the interiors, claims Top Interior Designers in Greater Noida. Last year was all about bringing a vibrant palette into the home–with vibrant reds, modern metallics, and variations of the statement black accent wall. But this year, those colours will vary from powerful aquas to soft terracottas, and Interior Designing companies are connecting the dots between consumers’ home lives, mental demands, and digital engagement, which inspired many of the colours choices this year. After the big trend around rich vibrant tones and strong hues we observed the previous year, now it’s time for pales.

What Are the Latest Trends in Colours Styling of Home Interiors

If you’re looking to kick-start your home refresh by indulging in new shades, check out 2019’s top colour trends suggested by Top Interior Designers in Greater Noida. The unique thing spotted by the Interior Designers in Greater Noida is the new use of colours and a new range of interesting shades. The new big trend is pastels used as new neutrals.  Milky ice-cream colours are layered and used on walls and accessories, to replace white shade and to enhance the look of the interiors in a more confident way of decorating. These are getting complemented with warm and soft tones, such as terracotta and chocolate and nude ones such as beige and mushroom. This return to serene colours is clear in the soft shades and big structures of the latest furniture collection. Metals, like gold and brass, are still key colour accents, together with patterns and textures like the marble and terrazzo. But everything comes concurrently in a new whole state that is softer, brighter and toned down.

Which Colours Will Be in Trend in Upcoming Days

Here some new colours we think will be very cool for the upcoming days.

Shades of Green: Celadon, Celery, Avocado, Hunter Green, Forest (Deep) Green

Green colour is considered natural, cool yet vivid and can be used for wallpapers, cushions and even tiles.

Optimistic Yellow Shades: Muted Lime, Lemon Yellow, Bright Yellow, Acid Yellow

Yellow is a welcoming colour and the best space to use yellow are hallways and breakfast areas as these are usually dark.

Purple Pallets of Colours: Rich Muted Purple, Proton Purple, Lavender or Lilac

Purple is a versatile, calming, yet still can be a bright fun colour. The master bedroom can be invigorated through smart use of purples.

Orange Colour Shades: Peach Orange, Citrus Orange

Orange is a brave colour and full of the positive attribute. The best place to apply it Kitchen and stairs as the Orange and Red are highly linked with appetite.

Pink Tones of Colour: Primrose Pink, Tea Rose, Plastic Pink, Rich Berry Pink

Pink is a soft colour which can constitute a fresh and fine environment in the house. We suggest to use this colour is in a woman’s closet and related feminine space.

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