Top 5 Hottest Interior Designing Trends to Follow in 2018

Vistaar Designs presents here some of the modern interior colours and design trends for 2018. The highly experienced team of Home Interior Designer in Noida at Vistaar Designs shares a few design trends for people who are soon going to buy or relocate in a new home.

Tips to Design a Trendy & Classy Home

If you are planning to buy a new home in 2018 or if you decided to refurbish your current living place, then being the well reputed Home Interior Designer in Noida let us enlighten you with some upcoming trends of Interior Designing you must be aware of and give your home a trendy & classy looks. Here are few suggestions for you:

Colour Combinations

  • Colour Combinations

Interior design trends 2018 amalgams the usage of green and brown colour tones with the secondary blue, white, black, dark red, soft orange and deep yellow colours. Sparkling details in metal grey or golden colour can be a pleasing enhancement to the quiet and comfortable look while supporting modern colour schemes simultaneously.

Stylish decorative materials or furniture of Majestic copper and bronze add warmth and style to decorating modern interiors. All white tones, gray colour tints, terra-cotta, dark purplish red and wine colours are intelligent choices to use in interior decoration in 2018.

Light brown colours of natural wood are contemporary and appealing, excellent to be used in compact spaces. Another distinct colour shade from the contemporary trends of interior designs is Dark wood. It brings a unique set of chocolate brown shades into play which gives a touch of luxury to interior decoration.

ReadingLeisure corner

  • Reading/Leisure corner

Studying corner, light room dividers, small spaces dedicated to different tasks, all these integrated while being synchronous with other interior elements of home or office are going to be on trend during upcoming days. Such comfortable corners help you unwind, provide a relaxing environment and generate peaceful moments. Having such micro-zones at your home or office endow a luxurious and trendy comfort.

Sparse Wooden Furniture

  • Sparse Wooden Furniture

Instead of bold, eccentric & expensive designing ideas the raw, natural, comfortable & being eco-friendly are going to be elements of the interior designs trends in 2018. The truly functional & practical yet pleasant and contemporary interiors are expected to be the highlight of 2018.

Being the pioneer Home Interior Designer in Noida and Delhi NCR we can say that the welcoming environment and the quality of communication are must-to-have elements for a happy family. This brings the most recent trends in decorating which encourages concentration on families, love, success in relationships and warmness between people.

Along with reasonable costing the interior designing ideas which encourage people to act happy, generously & enthusiastically are going to be the trends of 2018. Being expensive is not necessary.

Wooden furniture

  • Wooden furniture

Cork is another smart material to be used for making floors, cabinet’s doors and walls also. Bright lighting design is vital in a room having wood and soft textiles. If combined well with amazing lighting ideas, wood can create a spacious, warm, and relaxing zone.

Wooden items or furniture enhance interior designing ideas and hence, the whole environment of your home or office. It creates a sense of personalization and constitutes very comfortable self-zone. As the modern Home Interior Designer in Noida, we suggest using house plants with metallic frames can be a new interior decoration twist while being eco-friendly.

Ceramic Utilization

  • Ceramic Utilization

Ceramic is one of the most significant trends of the modern interior designing. There is a huge demand for using the ceramic vase, terra-cotta tiles, and ceramic-based art-items for interior decoration.  Along with ceramic, the glass, and metal elements can also be used to create elegant shine into modern interiors in 2018.  Such implementations make rooms look stylish, exclusive, and bright.

Also, marble, granite, and pebbles stay the most popular stones for interior decoration purpose. Geometric prints and carved designs are top ideas for stylish and novel interior decoration with these natural stone. A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian style encourages a neutral palette and a light touch of colour which makes you feel comfortable, spacious, energetic, and luxurious.