Top 5 Exciting Office Interior Design Trends for 2018

In today’s age, it is a necessity for any office to have their interior designed in such a way that it not only encourages the functions happening for your business but also enhances the performances of those who are working within its walls. As the prominent Office Interior Designer Company, we suggest that the design of an office should be adaptive with the latest trends of the interior designing.

Why You Need a well-designed Office?

A well-designed office directly affects the ability to work, productivity and creativity of the employees’ right from the moment when they enter the office.  Here are some significant reasons which answer the requirement of a well –designed office.

  1. Maximize productivity of employees
  2. Impress clients and visitors
  3. Plan for growth
  4. Create culture and boost morale
  5. Improve efficiency & reduce wastage of resources

Our Office Interior Designer team agrees that office design trends have now become important. It is becoming prime elements involved in office design, with some more elements such as technology, workplace wellbeing, and fundamental architecture design when setting up any new workplace.

How is a Modern Office becoming Significant for the Business?

The modern office has changed a lot over the years and almost unrecognizable now in comparison what the workplaces looked 10 years ago. The offices have become more employee-oriented; it’s not just the physical workplace anymore but the spaces to yield better productivity from the people working there.

An office interior is now a critical tool which helps the businesses in attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent in that field. Therefore, the business owners are not hesitating now in investing more to create an attractive office which encourages the employees to work efficiently.

What are exciting new office design trends to be seen in 2018?

The offices are focusing on offering a more holistic experience to employees and ultimately, office interior design is now all about designing that experience. So, with these in mind, let’s have a look at what exciting new office design trends, as an experienced Office Interior Designer company, we think will be the highlight during 2018.

  1. Unconventional Work Areas: This office design trend is highly liked by the millennial generation and matches with their preference for open spaces, collaborative work environments, and the atypical. An Unconventional Work Area may look like a living area while having meditation space, bean bag chairs, or a dressed-down conference room complete with sofas, plants and greenery, a smattering of vibrant colors, and lots of space for other activities.
    Unconventional Work Areas
  2. Dynamic Designs and Spaces: Flexible layouts are another office design trend we anticipate to remain in demand in 2018 as it has emerged as one of the most popular design trends over the past 2-3 years. Businesses grow and changes today frequently and rapidly and as the term “dynamic” suggest itself, the office spaces are needed to adaptive with constant change by becoming moveable, engaging, and can transform from a space for official parties and accommodate different activities to traditional conference rooms or meeting areas.
    The elements which are must for making a place dynamic are Modular furniture, mobile room dividers, and other lightweight pieces of furniture. These make it easy for offices to adapt to businesses rather than force businesses to accommodate the workplace.vistaar-design-FB_Open-Collaborative-Space_Post
  1. Biophilic or Natural Elements: Instead of a design trend, the Biophilic designs are the bridge to nature and natural elements. It can be considered as a scientifically proven philosophy of our connection with nature. This trend goes beyond just adding few plants to the office area.
    The Biophilic designs have nature as a core and craft other elements around it. Along with the plants and elementary greenery, this design trend encourages the use the textures matching with the patterns and forms of nature.
  2. Being Green without the Wall: The office spaces are not created equally from the beginning, they are needed to be adjusted in size according to the needs. The Green without the wall trend is a way to make an extravagant green wall like designs while adding greenery to it. Such structure allows gaining the benefit of better quality and enhanced productivity.
    This trend is getting more follower in form of small offices and startups, as it provides green quotient and large space without the wall.
  1. Resimercial or Homestyle Comfort Design: There is no place as relaxing as the home for any individual. Though, work is major and irreplaceable part of our lives, so like everyone we crave for having comforts similar to home at the workplace.
    vistaar-design-FB_Home-Like-Comfort_PostThis design offers a new fun way to encourage the employees to stay at work longer. It is all about making the offices feel more relaxing or homelike. It may include unusual things for an office such as:
  • restaurants
  • food trucks
  • bars
  • beer fridges
  • fireplaces
  • showers
  • game rooms
  • and more

Where are we heading next with Office Design Trends?

As it has been mentioned earlier, the office places have evolved a lot over the past decade and still continuing to change rapidly. We are expecting technological advancements in the form of adopting VR/AR in next 3 to 5 years, which will certainly mark its affects on the interior design styling for offices.
The office space will become more social and comfortable as home as the official and social activities continue to merging into similar lines. In short, as a prominent Office Interior Designer company we can say that we can say that companies will continue to strive to create more comfortable and better offices for employees.