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How Vastu can be used for Brilliant Interior Designs: Tips from Top Interior Designers in Noida

Vastu Shastra is considered to be infusing positive vibes in surroundings. If implemented with some clever applications Vastu Shastra can help to not only bring some positive changes to your living space, but also can be helpful in crafting brilliant Interior Designs.

With inputs from experts at Vistaar Designs, who are the most distinguished interior designers in Noida, let’s have a glance on some 7 significant Vastu tips. These Vastu factors of Interior Designing components can make the interiors of your living or office space a great place for socializing.

1. Colours and Their Composition:

According to Vastu some particular colours such as white, light yellow, green and blue are the best choices for the living area. They constitute a relieving and calm vibe. Using these colors or their combination can maximize the positivity in the space. Meanwhile, it is also suggested to avoid black and red for living room walls.

2. Shape and Size of Furniture:

Furniture is a vital element for any interior, whether is a residential, office or commercial space. As per the Vastu, it is preferred to choose square or rectangular shaped items instead of circular ones. Choose square or rectangular shapes for your coffee table and side tables, keeping their size compact while avoiding any irregular or uneven shape.

3. Open Space & Green Plants:

One of the most significant aspects of Vastu is to keep the northeast corner of your living room light or empty and always clean. It is believed that the respective corner attracts the maximum good fortune. Decorate the area with plants, and ensure their greenery and healthy blooming life.home-int4

4. Pooja-Ghar or Sacred Space:

Whether you live in a small apartment or a huge home that the Pooja-Ghar is considered most sacred part of the home. It is suggested to keep the Pooja shelf or cabinet in the northeast part of the home.

5. Windows, Doors and Curtains:

If your living room is having windows or doors facing the north or east from where the natural sunlight enters, it will be better to use light or sheer curtains. For windows and doors in the south or west, usage of heavy drapes is recommended through Vastu.

6. Lighting Arrangement:

Bright spaces constitute and infuse positive energy, while the dark rooms are not welcomed in Vastu practices due to dissipating the positive energy. Being one of the most distinguished Interior Designers in Noida, Vistaar Designs design your living space with proper lighting. We try to implement the comfortable lighting elements with soothing glow in every corner to keep them well-lit throughout the day and night.

7. Painting and Art Pieces:

As per the Vastu the northeast wall is the best place for hanging the art pieces or paintings. The paintings should have beautiful images or scenic beauty while avoiding negative images with horrific features like pain or anger.

As a well experienced Interior Designing Service Provider, Vistaar Designs understands positive environment needs to be clean and airy. Therefore while putting Vastu aspects in Interior Designs we try organize the space and build an efficient design. We put the elements in such a way that they should be comfortable while in use but the whole space should remain free from clutter.

Due to our dedicated approach towards our work we have become one of most well reputed Interior Designers in Noida. We always tend to craft positive surrounding which must be well-decorated as well as comfortable. We believe it’s important that the room should be filled with positive energy, so that family members as well as guests feel relaxed.

For more Vastu tips and stunning Interior Designing Solutions for your home or office or commercial space, consult the experts at Vistaar Designs through 9873437780 now!