How the Smart & Happy Office Design Can Reduce Stress


How the Smart & Happy Office Design Can Reduce Stress

A healthy, happy office environment is indispensable to running a successful business and, also office stress is inevitable at some points, nobody wants that their staff should become unhappy.

A survey revealed that the stress, depression or anxiety accounted a huge loss of working days due to work-related ill health. Being the prominent Office Interior Designers, we can say that there are ways that you can minimise the effects of office stress before it becomes a problem.

As the experienced Office Interior Designers, we have observed that the scarcity of natural light and outdoor views, air that’s stagnant, too hot or too cold and too noisy environment not only make employees sorrowful but also decreases productivity.

Office Interior Designers Should Not Ignore The Stress Factor

A health magazine has recently written in their article that how IT giants like Google, Apple and Facebook are embracing the mindfulness meditation more now. They are focusing on improved concentration and contemplation for their employees. The two important factors which make a workplace more welcoming.

Though many bigger companies are implementing such techniques for better productivity, a lot of smaller businesses may not be having such space or resources to fulfil such needs, but being one of the top Interior Designers in Delhi we can suggest other ways to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of your staff.

How Should The Office Designs Be Done To Help Reduce The Stress?

As one of the most trusted Interior Designers in Delhi, we would like to suggest following things if you are looking to design your office in such a way that it should help in reducing stress and create the happy environment.

  1. Encourage The Use Of Plenty Of Natural Light

To open up space, using glasses are preferable choice and also it let to propagate the much essential natural light throughout the space. A study has concluded that the employees working in office spaces with windows slept an average of 46 minutes more per night than their colleagues in a windowless environment. So ample and natural light should be encouraged to be utilized more in offices.

  1. Customize The Space Respective To Their Function

Being one of the most experienced Interior Designers in Delhi, we strictly recommend that the particular space must be designed according to the way people are going to use it, whether it is office or home. It allows the employees to work freely and efficiently as needed and encouraged by the surroundings, which ultimately improves their productivity.

  1. Add Greenery In The Office Environment

We as the humans have an instinctive bond with other living things whether flora or fauna. It provides a sense of calmness and makes the mind more coll and composed. Certainly, it is going to affect the work performance too. So greenery should be encouraged inside the office.

  1. Create Spaces For Social Gathering

Open, social areas generate more chances of collaboration and chance encounters. It encourages a  less formal and more relaxed approach to work. Such spaces help is growing a bond belongs among the employees of an office. Therefore, they must be the part of the office to make it happier.

  1. Encourage Health and Fitness

Keeping your employees fit and active in the workplace should the top priority while designing an office interior. As the professional Interior Designers in Delhi, we tend to design the entire space to reduce division between floors and make the walk between desks a little more energetic.

Stress in the workplace is definitely becoming a serious issue for all businesses now. And, through changing elements of an office’s design, it may not solve all of the issues relating to office stress, but will certainly create an environment that your staff should feel comfortable and better if enjoyable.