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We Deliver the Extraordinary Arch. Services Archiects in Noida

Architecture is an art combining the knowledge of designs and construction efficiently with the help of available resources. Architects in Noida at Vistaar Designs plan the architectures while keeping both the aspects, aesthetics and functionality in the mind:

  • Meeting diverse requirements of esteemed clients
  • We believe in innovation while designing solutions
  • We believe in our strengths and deliver extraordinarily
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Architecture Services


Arrangement of general building designs and illustrations for statutory endorsements and working Drawings for the execution of work. Giving all the point by point designs, segments and height of the structures.

Architecture Services


Readiness of designs rises and at first introduction illustrations. Giving itemized
illustrations to the different regions like common, flooring, woodwork, electrical, false roof points of interest et cetera to the temporary workers.

Architecture Services


PERT/ CPM charts are prepared for the display of the progression of all the activities involved to ensure completion on time. Detailed
bar charts are also made depicting the functional schedule.

Architecture Services


Basic Vastu principles are followed for all the projects without compromising the
functionality and utility of the spaces. Designing is done to utilize the natural resources available in
the best possible way to reduce the impact on the environment.

Best Architects in Noida

Vistaar Designs has a team of young, dynamic and talented architects in Noida who have a range of personal specialities and professional skills. We are committed to offering the best value to our clients through our services.

Our architect designers work closely with clients, builders and vendors to ensure that the architecture of their building expresses them precisely and has everything needed by them.

Our architecture projects are crafted while keeping the following aspects as priorities.
  • understanding the context for meaningful outcomes
  • ensuring outstanding user’s experiences
  • continue to be relevant over time


    Trusted Architects in Noida

    At Vistaar Designs, our architect designers are strong in creating a layout that is apt to its environment and has precise elements of materiality that ensures projects will continue to be a masterpiece over the passage of time.

    With more than 15 years of practice, we have built numerous bodies of work in various locations in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi. Vistaar Designs’ experience in creating timeless and sophisticated architecture has generated trust not only among the clients but has made us earn respect from peers too.

    Vistaar Designs has a long history of excellence in architecture and interior designing for residential and commercial spaces. Our consistency in delivering world-class projects has successfully positioned us among the leading architects in Noida.