Tips for a Pocket-Friendly Makeover of Your Living Room

Today we are back with a blog post by Vistaar Designs over at smooth & budget-friendly makeover of your living room. Since the living room is most used room in the home and its look is needed to be modified on regular basis to avoid monotony, this list will suggest the perfect tips for a makeover.

The team of best Interior Designers in Delhi at Vistaar Designs has tried to be easy on the pocket while compiling this list! Read on and give your living room a stylish upgrade on a budget!


  1. Shades of Color: Be experimental with hues and create a natural atmosphere in your living room using creamy-toned paint on the walls and colored lamp shades. Get a balanced and unique ambiance one shade in a bright color and distribute other lamp shades in neutral tones.

Let the ingenuity of colors and lights guide your way to the ingenuity of delight, as this deed will make the area helpful for relaxation.

  1. Be Natural: This is one of the easiest ways to give lively look to your living room is to bring the nature inside. Blend natural elements into furnishings with introducing organic texture. These elements may be the potted plants, wall art or decorative accessories made from natural raw materials like shells, wooden figurines or scented beeswax candles etc.

Small decorative items like bought from a trip to the beach or any monumental place or forest will add warmth to the décor and help create a raw and cozy environment.

  1. Using Mirrors to Look Spacious: Your living room may or may not be all that spacious but however small area your room may be having, you can still make it look bigger visually by using large mirrors. Mirrors create an instantaneous illusion of the extended space and are far more affordable than other ways of expansion.

This technique can make your living area looking double spacious– at least in visual terms, without expanding the room for real and save a lot of money. As a reputed team of Interior Designers in Delhi, we at Vistaar Designs understand the value of space and put the best implementations to yield efficient space usage or to make the area look more spacious.

  1. Put the Rug in Your Living Room: Another useful trick when looking to visually expand your living room is to put the rugs. Please note the fact that the bigger the rug you put down, the spacious the area will seem. This addition will generate a contemporary, edgy look and add a slight casual note to the decor.
  2. Subtle Fabric Usage: The elements involving fabrics such as sofa, cushions, pillow, and curtains play a significant role in creating the aesthetic appeal. Get subtle colored and fitting sized fabric solutions used at the required places in your living room.

These makeovers elements do not necessarily come with a high-priced tag: by following such clever tricks, you can elegant up the living room and make it truly feel like home and become the loveliest area in your home, a favorite gathering spot for your family, friends, and neighbours.

We hope that you found this article as informative and helpful for making your living space more spacious and vibrant. For more such makeover ideas or interior designing, talk to the Vistaar Designs as we comprise the most talented team of Interior Designers in Delhi now.