Our Process

Work Process & Completion

  • Detail Drawing
  • Site Enquiry
  • Cost Estimation
  • Material Selection
  • Execution & Review

The Interior Designing involves a series of processes, which are needed to be managed and executed properly. Initially, the expert Interior Designers observes the space to be designed along with the client. With detailed discussion along with a constant assessment of the available space, our experts comprehend the exact requirements and decide the scale of work to be followed according to those inputs. After properly visualizing the inputs, detailed drawings are made keeping all the contributing aspects in consideration.

Interior designing is an art, which is brilliantly executed only after exploring in depth the site. Vistaar design has a thumb rule to visit the site after meeting with client so that our experts can envision the interiors of the place keeping in mind the client’s requirements, purpose, lifestyle, budget, and comfort. Vistaar design provides images to look through, but clients are always welcome to bring inspiring images of their own as well.

Detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in the project is mapped to ensure the architectural plans are an accurate representation of the current space. Based on observations, measurements, color scheme & materials to be used several design solutions with holistic illustrations are proposed. After finalization of the design proposal, Project Co-ordination team works closely with artisan, suppliers, and subcontractors to carry out the project to the highest possible standards.

The Vistaar design team then works with subcontractors to complete the process of purchasing and ordering, and final installation. Before any items are purchased on client’s behalf, they receive a proposal for approval that details the item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. Each process is transparent and done only after the approval of the client. Our team is always on site to make sure the materials are brought & changes made as per approval only.

Finally, the dream of client is converted into reality with hard work and expertise of Vistaar design. All the work is completed, furnishings delivered, merchandise placed and art placed as per design. After installation is completed, our design team reviews each room and finishes whatever little things or touch ups have been left out. After all the left outs are completed, the space is ready for the client to come in, admire & enjoy.

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