Crucial Metrics of Architecture Explained by Top Architect in Noida

Architecture has always remained an important aspect for any building, whether build for the residential, official or commercial purpose, claims Top Architect Designer in Noida at Vistaar Designs. As we provide comprehensive Architecture & Interior Designing solutions, our objective remains to provide innovative yet efficiently functional designs, precisely matching with the expectations of the client.

Being the outstanding Architect Designer in Noida, we offer Architecture & Interior Designing across various types of projects, whether residential, industrial, commercial, corporate, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. We ensure that outcomes should meet the client’s requirements through precise planning, design preparations and consistent supervision during implementation.

Fundamental Metrics of Architecture for Top Architect Designer in Noida

In order to assure that our outcomes attain the high standard of results, we primarily focus on following five important metrics of architecture.

Geometry of the space: While starting any task related to architecture, geometry becomes a very significant aspect to work upon. As the architecture is something which is highly dependent on the geometry and shape of the available space, therefore, a professional architect always takes it in consideration and crafts his/her architecture work according to the geometry of the space.

Orientation with respect to directions: Architecture and design of a space according to the directions becomes important due to natural light. Light and ventilation fill the space with energy. More the natural light beams on a place make it better for the living. Also, it has economic benefits because it reduces electricity bills significantly.

Following Vastu Principles: In Indian perspective, Vastu too becomes a reason to remain oriented with the direction. Along with direction related constraints, following other Vastu principles is considered an invitation to good luck and prosperity. Therefore, if an architect is putting this aspect while doing architecture planning of any space, then he/she is considered doing an outstanding job.

Measurement and proportion: These are the basic elements of architecture; otherwise, architecture planning may not have been needed at all. As a professional architect, putting the design components precisely in proportion with each other and to the available space is highly expected. Odd sizes of components of a building can quickly become a bad experience.

View to the place and occupant: The moment we hear the word ‘design’ or ‘architecture’ we tend to visualize aesthetically beautiful buildings and spaces. As a proficient architect, we need to assure that space should get a better view as possible with the implementation of architecture skills. Extracting the functional value of the space along with enhancing the aesthetic scope makes an architect an outstanding one.

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